فرينڪ آن لائن جواسين سائٽون

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لوڊنگ ٿي رهي آهي ...Surprisingly, in Paris and its immediate surroundings there is no gambling. This is due to the fact that under current French law, casinos can be placed only in areas officially received the status of the resort and are from Paris, at a distance of over 100 kilometers. The only exception is the casino in Engen. This resort area is located 14 km from the Champs Elysées. Open casinos in Engen-les-Bains was in 1901. After 10 years, it was the theater opened, and in wartime the hospital was here. In 1988 it was bought by Groupe Lucien Barrière. In 2001 the building was completely reconstructed, and a new casino opened in April 2002. Casino interior designed the famous designer Jacques Garcia. He decorated the casino lighting fountains, ceiling with stars, the lake and luxurious furnishings. To date, a gambling establishment in Engen XCHARX the most profitable casinos in France. It has tables for stud poker, blackjack, as well as English and French roulette and other games. There are also slot machines.

10 فرينچ آن لائن جواسينو سائٽون جي فهرست

اينگين-سين-برائن ۾ جوسينس ۾ سلاٽ مشين

The first gambling establishment in France was opened it in Paris in the 17th century. This event played an important role in the development of the gambling industry, not only in France but throughout the world. First, gambling is a way to replenish the state treasury, the economic benefit from the existence of these institutions was evident, therefore, began to appear new casino. After the French Revolution, the casino is forbidden, then again popular. The first casino players can play only a limited number of gambling and roulette, but with the development of the gambling industry has expanded the range of offered gambling. By the way, now enjoys such popularity roulette was invented, according to most historians, it was in France. Its attribute invention Blaise Pascal, philosophy, and mathematics which is worked on the invention of perpetual motion.

اڄ فرانس ۾ پنج گروپ آهن، جن مان ملڪ جو سڀ کان وڏو جوڳي آهي:
- گروهي لوئسين بارريئر جو؛
- Partouche «Partouche"؛
- جوا «جوو"؛
- Emeraude «Emrod"؛
- ٽريننگنٽ «ٽرانسان".

Казино "بارريريز دياويل"

Some of these institutions include a casino Barrièrede Deauville, which is located in the town of Deauville. The history of this casino has almost 150 years. It was discovered in 1864, it was the initiator of the Duc de Morny, but the casino business was bad and it was closed. The new discovery of this institution took place already in 1912. For him, it was built a new building in the tradition of Athenian architecture, this building is located in the present. This casino has become a favorite place for the cream of the French and British society, as well as many businessmen and celebrities. This gaming establishments XCHARX a symbol of French elegance and luxury. Today, the institution has a nephew Lusena Barrier, which is named in honor of the gambling establishment. This casino has a huge amount of gambling: 325 slot machines and 24 gaming tables for the games in Punto Banco, Roulette, Blackjack, craps, and others. There are also three bars, three restaurants, banquet and conference facilities, the hotel seven hundred seats. To go to the casinos need to present an identity document and to participate in the games at the tables you must register first.

جوينو «لي ليون ورٽ»

Casino «LE LYON VERT» was opened in 1882, and in 1991 began to belong to the group Partouche. It is located in Lyon. This gambling establishment consists of a huge gambling halls, restaurants and a small hotel. In this casino as in any other gambling establishments in France, there is a huge number of gaming machines: video poker, there are 174 and 224 set the mechanical slots. There is also the opportunity to play in the American and European roulette, Texas HoldXCHARXem poker, blackjack and other games of chance. During the breaks, you can sit in the restaurant, enjoying the fine cuisine.

جوسينو «ايڪس-اين-مهيا»

Casino Aix-en-Provence, better known as Pasino, was opened in 1923. Its construction became a large urban redevelopment project developed by the Municipality. The project consisted of the gambling house, thermal hospital, a huge palace and beautiful park. Casino Pasino can play various games of chance, including have the opportunity to play on the slot machines, video poker, roulette and video, in addition, a large variety of card games and other entertainment. There is constantly held many recreational activities, including various concerts and performances, theatrical plays.

جوس «ساروين»

فرانس ۾ ايس وي وي سڀ کان وڏو جوئا، ايڪس آر ڪيوس چورس ميٽر جي ايراضي تي پکڙيل آهي، ان جي سائيز تي ٻڌل آهي، انهي سان گڏ تفريحي ۽ عيش و آرام جي ٻاهران ۽ اندروني سجاڳي. اهو هڪ هيرن جي حسن سان مقابلو ڪري سگهجي ٿو. اهو هڪ نئون نسل جوا جو بنيادن ڏانهن ڌيان ڏئي ٿو. پر گهرو داخلا جواسينس جو خيال رائلال دلي جي "چارلي ۽ چاکليٽ فیکٹري" جي پردي تي اثر پيو. "جوين کي صرف راندين جو شڪار راند نه ڪري سگهي ٿو، پر ٻين قسم جي تفريح جو مزو پڻ حاصل ڪري سگهجي ٿو.

جوسينو «قابلي ڪرسيٽ»

Casino «Cannes Croisette» located in the heart of the famous Palais des Festivals in Cannes, owns a group Lucien Barrière. The total area of ​​the gaming establishment is 3,000 square meters. Game rooms are decorated in a modern style. In the halls of the casino you can play games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slot machines there. Casino area there are several bars, a gastronomic restaurant and a nightclub. You can book a room at the hotel.

فرانس ۾ جوا

اهو چوڻ گهرجي ته "پئرس" ۽ "اييل ٽاور"، ڪيترائي گهڻا دل تيز ٿيڻ شروع ڪري ۽ تخليقي رنگ کي هڪ رومانڪاتي تصوير ڏيڻ شروع ڪري ٿو. اڄ جوين جي ٽاڪٽرنسٽن کي پيار ۽ آزادي جي زمين جو دورو ڪندو. تنهن ڪري، هڪ مشهور چوڻ کي پيش ڪرڻ لاء، اڄ اسان جو ڪم آهي "پئرس ڏسڻ ۽ راند ڪرڻ لاء."

مضمون جو تت:

  • فرانس - تاريخ ۽ جاگرافي بابت ڪجهه اکر؛
  • جوا
  • قانوني جوا جوسين جو رهڻ وارن علائقن ۾ واقع آهي؛
  • اهو گهرو وزارت جي ذميواري آهي.
  • فرانس ۾ سڀ کان وڌيڪ مشهور جوشين:
  • پئرس ايئرائيڪل ڪلب تي فرانس پئرس؛
  • پئرس اينگين جي ايڪسين ڪلو ميٽر ڪلوميٽر کان.
  • ميگيو مونٽ بلانڪ ۾ جوئي گهر.
  • پنج پئرس جي جڳهن سان پتي جون؛
  • ملڪ ۽ رهڻ وارن بابت دلچسپ حقيقتون.

مقام فرانس، ۽ هڪ مختصر تاريخي پس منظر

France – a fascinating country in Western Europe has experienced many difficult times, but turned into one of the most comfortable and safe around the world. The full name of the state – the French Republic. In France, the right of peoples and nation exclusively for the people. Motto – “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.”

رياست جو صدر صدر فرانسس هالينڊ آهي، پر وزيراعظم منيل ويلز تي تمام گهڻو طاقت پيش ڪيا ويا آهن. اڄ، فرانس ۾ 66 ملين ماڻهن کان وڌيڪ، جنهن مان 90٪ - ملڪ جو شهر. قومي جوڙجڪ بلڪل رنگا رنگ ۽ مختلف آهي، ان جي باوجود ته فرانس جي تسلط آهي. اهڙا ڪيترائي آهن Alsatians، لوئرارنگسف، برٽن، يھودين، فليمش، ڪاليجين، باسيڪٽس، Corsicans، آرمينين.

فرانس جو گاديء جو پيارو پيئرس، جيڪو توهان ڄاڻو ٿا، امن سان ڏسڻ ۽ مرڻ. جديد شهرين جو تاريخ، جيڪو تقريبن 2.5 ملين ماڻهن جي گهر ۾، ٽي صدي قبل مسيح ۾ شروع ٿيو. e. هي هڪ شاندار ثقافتي، تاريخي، اقتصادي ۽ سياسي مرڪز آهي، ان جي حسن ۽ عظيم دل جي لاء شاندار.

فرانس کي پنهنجي شهرين ۽ سياحن کي جوا رڻ جو اشارو ڏئي ٿو، ڪيترن ئي جوسين ۽ جوا گھر جي گھر جي ميدان ۾، پر ان جي تنظيم جي ضابطن جي لحاظ کان سخت سخت. اچو ته تحقيق ڪريو.

فرانس ۾ جواسين ۽ جوا جابلو

فرانس دنيا جي سڀ کان وڌيڪ خطرناڪ ملڪن جو هڪ آهي ۽ فرانس جو هڪ انتهائي خطرناڪ رانديگرن مان هڪ آهي. ڪيترائي جوئي هتي اچي چڪو آهي.

By the way, most of the casinos in the world, even the taxes paid on such article as “the French game.” One of the types of roulette is also called “French Roulette” (also known as European Roulette); and among types of roulette, French naimenshee has the advantage of the casino, which can not fail to delight fans of the game.

As in most European countries, in France, a special attitude towards gambling. They legalized, but you can play only in specially designated areas. Casino to open starting from 1942 only in those localities which have the status of officially resorts, but they must be removed from Paris no less than 100 km.

ملڪ ۾ قانون جي اپنائڻ کان اڳ هڪ وڏو جوئي گهر جو وڏو تعداد هو، جنهن مان گهڻا بند ٿي چڪا هئا. اڄ سرڪاري طور تي 197 جوسنس هلائي ٿو، جيڪي سڀئي گهرو وزارت جي انتظاميا آهن. ادارن جي ڪنٽرول، ڪم ڪرڻ جي عمل ۽ خدمت کي سنجيده کان وڌيڪ نصب ٿيل آهي.

نيو جوسينو جي افتتاح تي قرارداد پيش ڪري گهرو وزير خاص طور تي ڏئي ٿو، پر ميٽيلسپل سطح تي پهرين اجازت ڏني وئي آهي، جنهن ۾ پليپينٽيشن ڪميشن طرفان منظور ڪيو ويو آهي. ايم آء جي راندين جي لسٽ کي بنيادي طور تي تمام اسٽاف چونڊيو آهي.

In 1986 special rules apply visit is approved the entrance for women. Employees are not allowed to bring a casino to work cash or chips, that this rule was observed, sewed special clothing without pockets. In France, you can play from the age of 18. Denied entry to people in uniform. In every casino there is a black list, which shall set Schuler, loser and ludomany (their names have a right to the relatives), and other unwelcome guests.

Casino in France is not just a local landmark, but also a solid source of income. Every year, the budget received hundreds of millions of euros. Progressive tax for establishments, profit exceeds 9.5 million euros, is a huge percentage XCHARX 80. Only the machines generate 50% of revenue, cards XCHARX about 40%, the rest falls on the roulette table.

فرانس ۾ سڀ کان وڌيڪ مشهور ڪيس

جيتوڻيڪ پئرس ۾ سرڪاري طور تي هڪ جوسينو موجود آهي، اڃا به ڪلب آهي ايئرپورٽ ڪلب فرانس جو , which allowed some games, such as poker, baccarat and backgammon. This is one of the most luxurious establishments of the country, opened in 1907. There is always strictly adhere to the dress code. To get inside, be sure to pass face control, including clothes check, place a club card. You can also pass on the invitation of the cardholder. In 2005 there took place World Poker Tour, this honor is only the best of the best.

ٻي استثنا - اهو جويوينو اينگھين , is only 14 km from Paris. Engen is a remarkably beautiful resort area on the shore of the lake, the house-hour from 10 am to 4 nights. ItXCHARXs a game complex with restaurants, hotels, theater and sports club. They come here to play roulette , various card games and 450 types of slot machines .

هڪ خاص دلال جوا گھر آهي ميگا ، مونٽ بليڪ تي واقع آهي. اهو جوسينو محتاط آمدني جي لحاظ کان قيادت جي حوالي ڪري ٿو. هي تعجب نه آهي، ڇاڪاڻ ته اها خوبصورت فطرت جي ڀرپاسي آهي، نه رڳو جوا جي موڪل کي پيش ڪري ٿو، بلکه د ڊنو بار يا ري ريسٽورنٽ ۾ وقت خرچ ڪرڻ کا موقع पनि.

دي ڊوي ويل بارريئر - بهترين جوشينو، ساحل جي علائقي ۾ واقع آهي. اهو فلم "انسان ۽ عورت" ليلچ جي افسانوي ساحل جي سامهون واقع آهي. هي جاء فرانس ۾ سڀ کان خوبصورت آهي.

پئرس جي منزلون

  1. اييل ٽاور. ائڊريس: چيم ڊي مارس، 5 ايونيو Anatole France. اهو پيرس ۽ فرانس جي علامت آهي - اهو سڀ ڪجهه چوي ٿو.
  2. ٽرمپ آرڪ. ائڊريس: جڳ چارلس دي گوول. هن جا وڏا قديم آرٽ، پنهنجي وڏن ڪاميابين جي سڃاڻپ ۾ نيپولن جي ترتيب سان ٺهيل هئا.
  3. Louvre. Location: Palais Royal. One of the greatest museums in Europe, located in the Royal Palace.
  4. Notre Dame de Paris. ائڊريس: 6 پروسيس آرٽ ڊيم - جاء جين پولس II. روحاني دل پردي ۽ خوبصورت ڪيٿولڪ باسيليڪا.
  5. لگزمبرگ باغات. ائڊريس: 6e Arrondissement. شاندار محل ۽ پارڪ پيچراڻ، زانم بجلي تي هڻڻ.

فرانس ۽ فرانسيسي بابت دلچسپ حقيقتون

  • The name of the country “France” has a paradoxical Germanic origin, it comes from the names of the tribes Franks inhabited the area. Although the entire population speaks the language and has a Romanesque mostly Gallo-Roman origin, the name came because of the German language.
  • فرانس ۾، دنيا ۾ سڀ کان وڏو قلعو - 4969.
  • اهو فرانس ۾ هو سينما، سائيڪل، بيلٽ، چانسسن، گوتھائي جو نقشو ٺاھيو.
  • Since 2011, the French radio and television is officially forbidden to mention Facebook and Twitter.
  • لنچ جي وقت سان، فرينچ شراب شراب جي خدمت ڪئي.
  • France – Center for European agriculture.
  • فرانسيسي مرد ڳالهائڻ وارا آهن، اهڙي زالون چونڊيندا آهن جن سان توهان ڳالهائي سگهو ٿا.
  • فرانس ۾، اي يونين ۾ سڀ کان وڌيڪ ٽيڪس.
  • Most French people want to live in Canada.

يورپ جي نقشي تي فرانس

يورپ جي نقشي تي فرانس